Thursday, 25 January 2007

No Pain No Gain?

"Jump higher! Faster! Up! Up! Up!", shouted the soccer coach. The 14 yr old boys had never trained so hard in their lives. Their quadriceps and calf muscles had been sore over the past 1 week since the new coach came. They had breaks every 20 minutes for drinks but it was often too short to even to catch their breath.

Ahmad wished he was still in the injured list so that he didnt have to 'suffer' so much. Suren noticed that his team mate was lagging behind and offered him some encouragement. "Cheer up!", he said. "At least you are booked in the massage therapist list this evening", he quipped.

"No pain No gain, men!", the coach shouted again. "When you are done with this training you'd thank me when your fitness surpasses your opponents this season", he added. The physiotherapist Zul watch in disbelief as he would have to work harder to stretch and relieve those stiffened sinews over the next few days.

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