Sunday, 25 February 2007

Basics in First-Aid

Rest: Modified your physical activity to reduce or stop moving the injured part to ensure that you do not worsen the injury. You could do so by reducing the intensity and duration of training. If the injury is serious, you may have to stop training altogether.

Ice: Apply a towel on the injured part before you apply a bag of crushed ice or ice cubes. Do not apply ice directly on skin and do not wrap the crepe bandage too tightly as this may cause cold burns. Only apply for 15-20 minutes and you may repeat the procedure every 4 hourly if swelling and pain remains.

Compression: Apply a crepe bandage to compress the affected part to reduce swelling. Do not wrap the bandage too tightly as it may interfere with blood circulation. Check by pressing the fingers and you should see the colour return immediately. Often the athlete will tell you that he/she has more pain due to a very tight compression strangulating the blood supply.

Elevation: Keep the affected limb elevated above the level of the heart to 'drain' the swelling and hence reduce pain. As long as there is still visible swelling this may be beneficial.

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