Friday, 23 February 2007

Doping Prohibited List 2007

Every elite athlete i.e. international, national, state or club athlete should be aware of the latest Doping Prohibited list updated at least once every year. The Prohibited List is an International Standard identifying Substances and Methods prohibited during competition (in-competition), outside competition or during training (out-of-competition), and in particular sports. Substances and methods are classified by categories (e.g., steroids, stimulants, gene doping).

In Malaysia, the National Sports Council Doping Control Unit coordinates 'no notice' doping control testing and some of the in-competition testing for international, national and state athletes. National Sports Associations (NSA) undertakes some of the other doping control testing for their respective sports. Meanwhile, International Sporting Federations may appoint their own doping control officials to carry out the doping control testing.

It is vital for such athletes to inform their treating doctors of their status as athletes and the need to review the Prohibited list to ensure that they avoid taking the 'illegal' substances unknowingly and risk being sanctioned or losing their medals. Ignorance of the Prohibited List shall not constitute any excuse and athletes may face a ban of up to two years or a lifetime ban.

Athletes should also be cautioned that some traditional supplements and nutritional supplements may contain Prohibited substances as they may not be subject to such stringent manufacturing and labelling processes as drugs ( 1,2)

Some Prohibited Substances may be used by an athlete for medical reasons by virtue of a Therapeutic Use Exemption. For example inhaled beta-agonists in asthmatics. However, such use must have adequate documented laboratory evidence submitted to the respective NSA or International Federations.

For further information, go to If you are a Malaysian athlete you may also approach the Doping Control Unit of National Sports Council at 03-8992 9600.

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