Thursday, 22 February 2007

Multiple Joint Pain and Bodyache

Chong was a regular gymnasium user who was as fit as an elite athlete. He did 2 hours of regular workout including 30 minutes run, core stability exercises, moderate weight training and an occasional dance routine at a popular gymnasium. At 40 years of age, he could run faster than most men half his age.

He came in a day after his hard workout thinking that he probably overdid it. Most of his joints were aching and his muscles were sore. For some reason or other, he was still sweating profusely. "Doc, I think I shouldn't have worked out so much last week!", he said. I smiled, saying "Told you you needed to recover after each exercise session!". He wasn't quite impressed as usual. In went the mercurial thermometer. "Ahhh! 38 degrees centigrade. You're down with fever!", I said.

"How many days have you been feeling feverish?", I asked. "Three", he answered. He also had a rapid pulse rate and a slight raise in the Blood Pressure. Hess test (a special test to check for petechiael rash) was positive. "Let me send a blood sample to check for your blood counts. The last thing we want is dengue fever", I said. "You need to rehydrate a little more than usual and take a day off. I will call you in a few hours time". It took the laboratory an hour to fax me the result and true enough his white cell count and platelet counts were low. He was lucky that the levels were not critical and it resolved the next day.

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