Thursday, 8 February 2007

Non-specific Knee pain

She could not bear the pain in her left knee anymore. It has been 1 month and the pain was still present. In fact, it worsened after she went to 'service' her clients to ensure that they continued her company's products. She thought it felt better after application of 'the stinking yellow stuff' the chinese doctor applied. "Maybe I should have rested", she thought.

Mei Lee then decided to see sports physician in the neighbourhood. "My knee is more important than the job", she said gritting her teeth in pain as she hobbled along the corridor (as she could not find parking in the Subang Jaya business area).

I was surprised that she was having recurring episodes of left knee pain over the past few years and lived with it. She has had blood test, several X-rays and even an Ultrasound scan done but nobody prescribed exercises to get her back on her feet. "Uhmm..., where did we go wrong in medical school? Or is it just that it's difficult for clinicians to spend time talking to the patient and teaching some basic exercises? Or it's just that nobody bothered to send her to the physiotherapist. At least that could have helped!", I said. "I did see the physio, but they only did electrical stimulation. Since it didn't seem to help, I decided to seek treatment elsewhere", she lamented. Maybe they tried to help her but she was not receptive to their suggestions.

Back to the drawing board!. Her blood investigations for joint disease and inflammatory markers were normal. Her left knee X-rays were normal and so was the ultrasound scan. She had a painful gait, sacroiliac joint inflammation (dysfunction), tight hip adductors, knocked knees and hyperlaxity of both knee joints (in extension)but she had a very tight Achilles tendon due to frequent use of high heels and not enough stretching. This would take a lot more time to unravel the problems.

She was prescribed topical NSAIDS gel and a whole series of exercises to strengthen her quadriceps, hamstring, gluteal muscles, abdomen and lower back. I also did some myofascial release (manual work to release muscle spasm and pain) for immediate effect. After 2 weeks, she was much better and able to run upstairs without pain. She was prescribed more exercises and we added a weight reduction programme for her too!

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