Sunday, 18 February 2007

To play or not to play!

It was 7.15pm and I was late for a pharmaceutical talk. John called as I was just approaching the venue. "Shucks!", I said. I needed the CME points but the player needed an urgent decision. To play or not to play!

I quickly returned to my apartment and he was already waiting there. He was walking and that was good news but he had a slight limp. I know some players who walked 'funny' after training due to a back problem and leg-length discrepancy.

A quick examination revealed a localised area of tenderness (pain upon application of pressure), muscle spasm adjacent to the junction between the medial gastrocnemius and soleus muscle. Tried a few light skills and he could not 'push-off' as required to play badminton.

He knew the consequences of injecting steroids and so he didn't ask me to do that. He had seen talented players who had muscle tears and tendon ruptures after indiscriminate injections done for the sake of competing.

"No-play!", I said. "I could give you a muscle relaxant to help relieve the spasm and you can continue with another 3 days of NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory and pain medication), but no play!". He was keen to improve his performance and insisted that he would decide the next day.

He played against a lesser known player and lost the next day. The press gave him such a bashing that I felt sorry for him. I know the player and he made the right choice to hold back and not push to win. He told me later that he just couldn't move and the pain worsened as he played. He had to play as he was required to by the coach to try. After a week he played much better in another major competition after undergoing rehabilitation and taking precautionary measures

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Ying Ci said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Hey Fatt Choy!!! said...

I suppose if it's Chinese New Year he would not play too! Gong Xi Fa Cai, Ying Ci and all the bloggers out there!