Friday, 16 March 2007

Ingrown Toenail

Anthony is a 10 year old basketball player and cyclist who weighs 60 kgs. He came this afternoon with a recurrent left big toe painful swelling since 1 year duration. He has seen several doctors but he said, "Nothing they did worked!".

I examined his toe and found that the swelling was already resolving. There were signs that probably it was oozing pus over the past few days. Somehow he came in as he felt it was "too much of a hassle".

I got him to agree not to trim his toenails so deep. I was also concerned whether he was diabetic as he had a strong family history of diabetes in his family. I gave him a course of oral antibiotics and an antiseptic for dressing. Told him to bring his footwear for examination and stay off playing games until it healed. I thought, who would stay with this for a whole year?!!

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