Friday, 16 March 2007

Ulna Neuritis in Cyclist

Mark is a 45 years old road cyclist with a mileage of 200 km per week. He came to see me 2 months ago with complaints of numbness and tingling sensation of his little finger and adjacent side of the hand. He mentioned that he was 'riding harder' than usual and had occasional wrist pain 2 weeks earlier as he 'felt good' and wanted to do more.

He was quite happy to lay off riding for 2 weeks and was given some isometric and resistance exercises with theraband. Subsequently, when I reviewed him again last month, he was slightly better. I gave him some neurotonics (vitamin B12) and allowed him to ride but advised against putting excessive pressure on the handlebars.

He came back last week without any symptoms and he said that he was riding better now that his wrists were stronger.

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