Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Wrist injury in Badminton player (Scapho-lunate Subluxation)

Chris is a 16 years old club badminton player who fell on his right palm 6 weeks ago while playing singles competition. He tried to play in the doubles soon after but couldn't as the wrist started to swell and the pain was unbearable. He was seen by a doctor and his pain was on the ulna styloid. He could not do any lobs and smashing after that as he had pain on the back of the wrist (dorsum).

He did not have any problems with wrist range of movement. "Ouch!", he squealled when I palpated the lunate bone. There seemed to be more mobility of the bone adjacent to the scaphoid bone (see picture). After discussing with him, we decided to do an X-ray to rule out fracture of the lunate bone followed by an Ultrasound or MRI of the Right wrist to rule out scapholunate ligament tear.

Meanwhile, I told him to start pain-free strengthening exercises for his wrist and suggested he tape his wrist during play. He was not to do any 'lobs' and 'smashing' until we obtained the results from his X-rays and MRI.

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