Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Forefoot contusion after supper!

The local council is going to get a complaint from this patient. He was walking back from 'Mamak' (a spicy, not so fancy, local fast-food) when he accidentally stepped into a pothole in Subang Jaya last Saturday.

He had a painful swelling on the dorsum of his right foot (see photo) and could only walk on his inner side of his foot. He had a painful gait when he walked into my clinic yesterday. I was getting a bit worried as he could not put weight on the side of the foot. After examination, I felt that he could be spared from an X-ray as most of the pain came from the superficial swelling and not the 5th metatarsal (common site of injury for such falls). I once had a 50 year old colleague who fractured her 5th metatarsal in the same manner walking along the pavement! Her risk was higher as she was having Osteoporosis.

Told him to do the RICE treatment (see first-aid) and gave him some Arnica gel and oral NSAIDS. He was advised to avoid excessive walking for another 5 days and return for a review if pain and swelling persisted.

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