Saturday, 7 April 2007

Rt Big Toe Gouty Arthritis

Mr Lim came in walking on his heel with a painful and swollen base of the right big toe (see photo) yesterday. He could not remember having any falls or trauma to the toe but had a little too much beer, seafood and peanuts for the past week.

I was keen to find out whether he had any insect bites or previous injury but he had none. I took a blood sample for his uric acid levels and sent him off with an NSAIDS for 5 days. Had to give him some gastric preventive medication i.e. Proton-Pump Inhibitors to prevent any gastric side-effects. Also warned him not to take NSAIDS on his own as it could cause hypertension or heart problems if given indiscriminately.

True enough his serum uric acid levels came back elevated. He was advised to avoid excessive intake of protein and beer. If he had recurrence in his condition, he may have to be on medication to lower the uric acid levels e.g. cholchicine or allupurinol.

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