Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Malaysian Shooters tested positive for Propranolol

Three Malaysian national shooters was tested positive for propranolol in March during a local Competition (President Ally T.H. Ong Trophy) along with 4 other athletes. It's quite shocking news as all the national shooters know that they are to stay away from beta-blockers. Although, the National Shooting Association of Malaysia maintains that the athletes did not dope intentionally, it raises our concern that our national athletes are not careful enough to protect themselves from consuming contaminated products e.g. Over-the-Counter medication, traditional herbal medication and nutritional supplements. Read more here.

According to the WADA Code even if the athlete unintentionally consumes a banned substance, the athlete could be sanctioned (see Strict Liability in Anti-Doping).

The standard/normative sanction for a first doping violation is two years, and a second violation calls for a lifetime sanction.
That standard for sanctions (two years and lifetime) can be lessened or enhanced based on several factors relating to the particular case, including:
􀂃 The type of doping violation
􀂃 The circumstances of the individual case (level or absence of fault or negligence)
􀂃 The substance in case of the detection of a prohibited substance
􀂃 Repetition of an anti-doping rule violation

I urge athletes and officials to read the Athlete's Guide so as to understand the complexity of the doping issue. Educational videos are also available free here. Athlete's should take precautions during competition so as to avoid consuming contaminated drinks or food due to the severity of the sanctions.

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