Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Knee Gouty Arthritis

Mr Loh is a odd-job worker who came to see me with a painful and swollen left knee this since 3 days duration. He told me that he gets the swelling every time he ate Bak Kut Teh (pork herbal soup). He had been told that he had gout by his doctor but he defaulted his treatment.

I examined him and found that he had a tense left knee joint effusion and restricted joint flexion due to the pain and swelling. He refused to do the X-ray and requested that I remove the joint fluid (he had it done on an earlier episode in a hospital). I aspirated 50ml of bright yellow fluid. He also did not want to send the aspirate sample to the laboratory for analysis. He was also advised to use RICE treatment to assist recovery.

He felt much better after the joint aspiration and was given NSAIDS and told to continue with his gout (Allopurinol) medication with his doctor. He was also advised to avoid high-purine foods.

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