Thursday, 16 August 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 (MIFC)

Putrajaya International Convention Centre will be the venue for the 1st Malaysia International Fireworks Competition held from the 18 August 2007 till 2 September 2007.
The skies over Putrajaya will be lit up by a sequence of firework performances to celebrate Malaysia's 50th year of Independence. The Malaysia International Fireworks Competition, or MIFC, will be a festival of light, music, colour and culture; providing magical experiences.
During MIFC, world renowned firework teams will gather to compete in one of the world's greatest Musical Fireworks Competitions. Regular fireworks displays will be dwarfed by the pyrotechnic artistry and meticulously choreographed to inspirational musical compositions.
Each competitive night, the teams from Australia, Japan, Italy and Malaysia will amaze spectators with breathtaking presentations, judged by a panel of celebrities, who will select a winner. The victorious team will receive a prestigious award but their ultimate trophy is the audience delight!.

Here are the links for this event:-
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