Monday, 10 September 2007

Knee pain after swimming breaststroke

Ms Lim is a lady is her twenties who walked in limping this morning with complaints of left knee pain after swimming breaststroke for an hour the previous day. She does 'gym-workout' for 2 sessions per week, dance lessons for 3 sessions per week and swimming for 2 sessions a week. She has never had any previous falls or similar episode.

She had tenderness on the femoral attachment of the medial collateral ligament. She had no laxity of the ligament. I taped her knee to give her some pain relief while putting on a knee sleeve. She was given several strengthening exercises for her quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. I will review her condition in 2 weeks duration to decide on return to play.


Lynn Caldeiro Styling said...

I just experienced minor knee pain while swimming breast stroke today.. I immediately switched strokes, but I am worried. What should I do to prevent serious injusry. I was a competitive swimmer 15 years ago, I am just now getting back in the water so I am obviously out of shape. Any advice?

draston said...

Good to hear that you are swimming again. You would need to go back into swimming progressively. Meanwhile, you could apply RICE treatment and topical anti-inflammatory gels. Also consider doing some strengthening of your quadriceps, hamstrings and your core muscles. If you do not get better, pay a visit to your Sports Physician.