Saturday, 8 September 2007

Rugby World Cup 2007 (France 7th Sept - 20th Oct 2007)

20 world class teams will be engaging in a sport which requires agility, power and strategy in the IRB Rugby World Cup 2007 from the 7th September 2007 to 20th October 2007. 3 teams (USA, Canada, Argentina) represent the Americas, 9 teams (England, France, Georgia,Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Wales)represent Europe, 2 teams (Namibia, South Africa) represent Africa and 6 teams (Australia, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa and Tonga)represent Asia-Oceania divided into 4 pools (A-D).

The Pool Stages will be held from 7th September 2007 to 30th September 2007 and the Knockout Stages will be held from the 6th October 2007 to 20th October 2007 after a 5 day break. Matches will be played in 12 different venues in France (Bordeaux, Lens, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, St Denis, St Etienne and Toulouse) and UK (Cardiff, Edinburg).

Which team will make it to the finals on the 20th October 2007 in St-Denis?

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