Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Right Axillary Follicular Abscess

Ramli is a 30 yrs old club soccer player who came with painful right armpit (axillary region) painful swelling of 3 days duration. He usually shaves his armpit hair for hygiene purpose but this is the first time he suffered this fate.

I examined him and found several peasized tender, firm swelling in his right axilla but there were no other enlarged lymph nodes. The skin in the groin and axilla is commonly colonised by Staphyloccus Aureus. Minute skin cuts or abrasion could have introduced the infection to the hair follicles. We treated him with a course of antibiotics and some topical antibiotic ointment for 5 days duration. His symptoms resolved quickly as the infection was still at early stage. If the swelling failed to subside, he would have required incision and drainage surgery.

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