Friday, 15 February 2008

Finger Injuries in Martial Arts athlete

This sub-elite athlete suffered from an old punching injury to his 3rd metacarpal phalangeal joint a year ago during competition. The initial swelling and pain had subsided with treatment but he still has movement restriction. He should be able to continue training with taping but he will need an X-ray to find out the extent of damage. If the X-ray is normal, physiotherapy with finger exercises would help him regain full range of motion.

This sub-elite athlete suffered from an Index finger injury 6 months ago. His proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint is still swollen although the pain has mostly subsided. He wanted to fight in another competition and was advised to tape his PIP joint. He should also obtain an X-ray of the PIP joint to rule out more serious injury.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Le Tour de Langkawi 2008

25 teams (5 Pro Tour outfits and 10 from Asia) will race in the 13th edition of the UCI sanctioned prestigious Le Tour de Langkawi from 9th to 17th February 2008. The 1377.4km race has been re-routed and shortened to only nine stages and the Genting route would be replaced by a more challenging Fraser's Hill climb.


STAGE ONE (9th February 2008) – Alor Star to Kepala Batas (182.9km)

STAGE TWO (10th February 2008) – Butterworth to Sitiawan (159.7km)

STAGE THREE (11th February 2008) – Sitiawan to Banting (209.4km)

STAGE FOUR (12th February 2008) – Port Dickson to Batu Pahat (175.5km)

STAGE FIVE (13th February 2008) – Johor Bharu to Bandar Penawar (143.1km)

STAGE SIX (14th February 2008) – Bandar Penawar to Kuala Rompin (182.0km)

STAGE SEVEN (15th February 2008) – Kuala Rompin to Kuantan (127.6km)

STAGE EIGHT (16th February 2008) – Temerloh to Fraser's Hill (127.0km)

STAGE NINE (17th February 2008) – KL Criterium (80.4km)

Let's join in with the excitement and find out who will wear the varying colour of jerseys:
1) Yellow Jersey: the overall leader and final winner

2) White with Red Polka Dot Jersey: the King of the Mountains

3) Blue Jersey: the leader in the sprints

4) Blue and White: the Best Asian Rider

Important links:
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Participating Teams and Team Profiles
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