Thursday, 10 April 2008

Calf Cramps (with Medial Gastrocnemius strain)

A young lady in her 20s came this morning complaining of right calf residual pain after having a cramp while waking up this morning. Her mother gave her a hot traditional oil which she massaged on her calf but the pain persisted. She walked into my room with a limp and supported her weight on her forefoot.

She had several localised areas of tenderness along the medial gastrocnemius muscle but no apparent swelling. She also had an almost full ankle dorsiflexion and plantarflexion. She is likely to have suffered from a Right medial gastrocnemius Grade II strain. She was advised to undergo rice treatment and her calf was support with a crepe bandage to partially restrict movement and reduce pain. She would require an ultrasound scan to determine extent of the muscle injury if she wants to participate in sports.

Isometric exercises and hydrotherapy could be instituted to start her rehabilitation process along with electrotherapy. The duration of the rehabilitation will depend on the severity of the strain and her response to treatment (evaluate weekly).

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