Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Athletic Taping

Athletic Taping is a type of treatment which utilises woven fabric (rigid or elastic) to provide additional proprioceptive stimulus and additional support to enable participation in sports while limiting the risk of re-injury or further injury. It is often used in rehabilitation of muscle and tendon injuries. Athletes and coaches should be aware of various techniques of taping which could come in handy when the need arises during training or competition. Taping can provide additional stability while allowing flexibility unlike some bracing devices.

Ankle joints are most commonly taped to prevent lateral ankle sprain. Other common parts which may benefit from taping are knee, shoulder, wrist, Interphalangeal joints (fingers and toes), hamstring and quadriceps, foot and Achilles tendon.

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Here are some of the photos taken from the work of students in a taping workshop:-


kiteboardingkites said...

I wonder if kiteboarders are doing this "taping" as part of the precautionary measures? Or might just loosened when wet.

Dr Aston Ngai Seng Huey said...

It would be loose if its wet. But if you dont have to get wet all the time you might place some kinesiotape as the base followed by athletic tape. That would last longer.