Friday, 1 August 2008

Vastus lateralis tendinitis (tendinoses) and Iliotibial Band Syndrome

A forklift driver came this morning with complaints of left knee pain since the past 1 week with prolonged driving. His pain is worse at the end of the day and it was so bad that he could not sit or squat. He apparently felt better after massaging his thigh.

He had tenderness at the insertion of the vastus lateralis tendon, Iliotibial band (ITB)insertion and gluteus medius origin. He also had restriction of knee flexion (0-80 degrees) and had pain extending his knee against resistance.

As part of the treatment, he was given a day off, reassigned to other duties, told to do RICE treatment,given some stretching exercises for gluteal muscles, quadriceps and ITB and some NSAIDS for 5 days. He would also benefit from ultrasound, TENS, myofascial release and he had some taping done to restrict the pull on the vastus lateralis tendon.

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