Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Malaysian Hockey League 2008

We have just started the 2nd round into the Malaysian Hockey League for 2008. Field hockey is still one of the most interesting sports to be the attending Sports Physician. There were lots of contusions and bruises; several ankle sprains and minor knee injuries; a few hamstring strain and calf strains; and a scalp contusion and a fractured facial bone. On a good day, absolutely nothing happens and you'd be bored to death. Otherwise on a terrible day, you'd be running across the pitch after watching your athlete hit by the ball or stick or collide with another player. What could be worse, you loose your belongings in the process of carrying out your duty and are left to attend to the athlete when everyone else have gone home.

For those who are interested in getting your hands laden with sports medicine adventure, field hockey is the sport to be involved in. Keep a lookout for photos after the season is over!

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