Friday, 4 May 2007

Hamstring Strain

A martial arts elite athlete came with pain in his right thigh after doing rapid high kicks during filming of a movie. He added that his hamstring was extremely tight and he could not execute a high kick. He already went for treatment by an acupunturist who did some acupunture and massage to release the spasm. He told me he had forgotten to do RICE treatment. It was only after 1 week that he came in to see me.

I examined him and found that he still had mild spasm of his semitendinosus muscle (one of the 3 hamstrings) and tenderness at the myofascial junction. He was able to fully flex and extend(a good sign) but had pain with resisted flexion. I gave him some muscle relaxants and NSAIDS for another 5 days as he had some bruising from the massage. He was told to undergo hydrotherapy (aqua-joggin) and focus on core stability rehabilitation. Since it was only a mild muscle strain I would expect him to recover fully within 2 weeks. However, he would need to be careful if he was to do the high-speed high kicks.

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