Friday, 25 May 2007

Supraspinatus tendon partial rupture and mild impingement

Simon (not his real name) was playing hockey 3 days earlier when he decided do hit a slapshot across a longer distance during a training match. After the hit he felt pain in his right shoulder and he could not lift his shoulder above the level of his shoulder. He continued playing but he refrained from lifting up his shoulder.

He saw me today and I found that he had a painful arc (abduction > 70 degrees), a positive "Empty Can Sign" (resisted abduction) and loss of power of abduction against resistence. He still had tenderness at the tip of the right shoulder.

I informed him that he needed an X-ray ( to rule out bony impingement) and an Ultrasound of his shoulder (to rule out tendon rupture).

I advised him to continue apply RICE treatment for another 1-2 days to allow the inflammation to resolve. He was also advised to avoid abducting his shoulder > 90 degrees. I encouraged him to do active pain-free diagonal movements against the wall or panel (Closed-Chain Exercises) and start strengthening exercises progressively using Theraband. Later, he may proceed to do some wobble board exercises to assist coordination and balance. I was concerned as he has had several similar episodes in the past due to inadequate rehabilitation treatment and possibly incomplete investigation.

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