Saturday, 23 June 2007

Montelukast Option for Asthmatic Athletes

I have been treating asthmatic elite athletes with Montelukast (Singulair)for at least 4 years as a single monotherapy drug. Most of these athletes who had Intermittent Asthma and Moderate Persistent Asthma were well controlled with the medication and needed few rescue medication with Salbutamol Inhalers. Salbutamol, other beta-agonist and Corticosteroid inhalers/turbuhalers require Therapeutic Use Exemption.

The new guidelines for asthma treatment is available here. Athletes should discuss the options of treatment with their team doctor or Family Physician. Find out about the Doping Prohibited List 2007.

In a recent clinical trial, the authors suggested that Montelukast provided significant protection against Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction (narrowing of the airways) having an onset within 2 h following a single oral dose and lasting for at least 24 h. This medication could be useful for athletes who have asthma as an option for prevention of asthma and better control of symptoms.

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