Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Right Hamstring Partial Tear in Badminton Player

A 37 yrs old male badminton recreational athlete came in last week after injuring his right thigh doing a 'split' while reaching for a net shot from the baseline 2 days earlier. He felt something snap and had pain lifting his thigh. He found it difficult to bend forward to reach for things due to the pain.

He hobbled onto the examination couch in pain. He was only able to flex his hip up to 40 degrees (Straight Leg Raising) and had a defect in the proximal attachment (see photos) of the semitendinosus muscle with a bulge distally. There was tenderness at the distal bulge of the semitendinosus muscle.

I sent him for an X-ray to rule out avulsion fracture and an MRI to assess the extent of the tear and hematoma. He was given Cox-2 Selective NSAIDS for pain and inflammation and advised to undergo RICE treatment regularly. (awaiting MRI films... )

Clinically, he has at least a grade II strain of the Right semitendinosus which would require at least 12 weeks rehabilitation before return to play. He may have difficulty regaining his full agility and power if he is an elite athlete vying for a place to represent the country in international competition.


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