Saturday, 24 May 2008

Disabled Sailing using the Single Person Boat (Access 2.3)

Here are some photos I took during the Malaysian Paralympiad 2008. The Disabled sailing was held at Admiral Cove, Port Dickson featuring 10 disabled sailors. The male and female athletes competed against each other in the single person boat called Access 2.3.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Achilles Tendon Paratenonitis

Mr Lim is a businessman who does regular brisk walking. He came 2 weeks ago with complaints of painful swelling in his back of his left ankle (Achillles Tendon). He started using a pair of leather shoes with a high heel tab which comes in contact with the Achilles tendon every time he walks.

He was examined and I found that had pain standing on his toes (ankle plantarflexion) but little pain stretching his calf (ankle dorsiflexion). He had severe tenderness, oedema and mild redness over the middle of his Achilles tendon.

I advised him to use a low-cut shoe, apply RICE treatment and Anti-Inflammatory gel (e.g. Reparil, Volteran Emulgel). His gait was otherwise normal and he did not have any calf muscle spasm. He would do well with a course Ultrasound treatment.