Tuesday, 17 July 2007


I have found a useful new product for First-Aid kits called BLOODCARE spray recently. It is an aerosol type of a local haemostatic preparation formed hydrogencalcium salt of oxidised cellulose and pressurised propellant. I have used it several times on skin abrasions and found it useful in stopping bleeding during matchplay.

According to the product description, the content of carboxyl groups (16-24%) and calcium ions present in active powder substance supports the biological healing process, and has the proven features of being bactericidal and bacteriostatic.

To apply the spray, ensure that the superficial wound is cleaned with a running water or disinfectant, apply pressure to dry the wound, shake the can well, hold the can upright and spray from a distance of 10-15cm for 2-3 seconds. The layer formed saturated with blood does not need to be removed. If necessary apply bandage or plaster.

Find out more about Bloodcare spray here.

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