Sunday, 26 December 2010

Slipping Rib Syndrome (12th Rib Syndrome)

This basketballer suffered from loin pain at the tip of the Right 12th rib and along the 11th intercostal space after feeling at 'pull' during competition. The pain persisted despite taking oral NSAIDS but reduced slightly with ice application. Similar injuries have been seen previously in martial arts, dancers, boxers and swimmers.

We ruled out fracture by clinical examination and X-rays and progressed to do some PNF stretching and strengthening exercises. An ultrasound scan was not done as we did not suspect a torn muscle. His symptoms subsided significantly after the first visit and was resolved within the next 2 weeks. He was told to strengthen his intercostal muscles and oblique abdominal muscles with rotary torso and stomach crunch exercises. Kinesiotaping was applied to provide a controlled lateral rotation and back extension while reducing pain.

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