Saturday, 10 November 2007

Now Everyone Can Fly: Air Asia

The Malaysian contingent travelled on the no frills air carrier, Air Asia for the Asian Indoor Games in Macau. We had a pleasant trip taking approximately 4 hours from KLCCT to Macau on the 24th October 2007. Although there was a slight delay the passengers were comfortable in the well ventilated Airbus. I was surprised that the leg room was even more spacious than some European flights I've been in. No wonder my parents in their sixties fly with them routinely to the Asian sectors.

Although we had to purchase our own food and drinks, the price was quite affordable. True enough Air Asia has made flying where "Now everyone can fly!". Our Malaysian athletes were happy to gobble up the nasi lemak on the return flight on the 4th November 2007. Despite having full or almost full flights, the flight crew managed the passangers professionally with a smile.

I would recommend Air Asia to anyone who wants to fly and has budget constraints. It will get you where you want to go in pretty decent shape. Good work, Air Asia!

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